You see life through your own unique lens. This is your mindset – the assumptions and expectations you hold about yourself, your life and the situations around you. Research shows that mindsets play a significant role in determining life’s outcomes. By understanding, adapting and shifting your mindset, you can improve your health, decrease your stress and become more resilient to life’s challenges.” –Mia Primeau

The Law in the Mental World: “If you never exercise your brain – never read, study, nor talk to anyone, never permit anyone to talk to you, your mind will become blank.” — Charles Steizle

What you allow to enter your mind, and stay there, affects your output, both in the subconscious operations of your body (internal and external) and in the mental resources you acquire to help enhance your other life areas.

You will sabotage your efforts at success if you allow negative thoughts to consistently “make a home” in your brain,.  Hence your mind, body and spirit will be out of balance and true success will continue to avoid you. The amount of positive information fed to your brain will likewise increase your chances for success.

“Successful people will run their brains..
Unsuccessful people will let their brains run them.”
–Kirk Duncan, 3 Key Elements

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