Highschool football officials exhibiting variety of body language postures.

Three Body Language Tips

How do people interpret the body language signals that you give? How does that impact the effectiveness of your communication.

It’s true that only a few people have trained themselves to consciously analyze body language.  But even if your clientele or staff never consciously think about your body language, they are still subconsciously reacting to it.

For instance, if your body language exhibits warmth and friendliness, your conversation partner is likely to sense that and relax. If your body language demonstrates disinterest or boredom, they will likely think twice before sharing something personal with you, including their possible referrals.

Here are three tips to increase your customer retention and referrals:

1. Establish and maintain great eye connection. You don’t have to stare at them, but frequently looking them in the eye with a warm smile shows that you are interested in them. They will pick up on that and be more likely to tell others that you are relatable.

2. Posture: Stand up straight, with both feet planted solidly on the floor and pointed straight ahead when addressing someone. Lift your chest, which automatically puts your shoulders back. Hold your chin level with the floor. Self-confidence and firmness of purpose shows through.

3. Use large, open gestures with a smile. Use wide, but gentle gestures with your hands and arms, generally keeping palms up. All of this portrays confidence, freedom, consideration and acceptance.

Following just these three tips will significantly increase your customer and staff retention and the probability of more referrals from them. The value of you and your services will be elevated in their eyes and they will want to be around you.

Bill Jensen
Transition Specialist
Body Language Trainer

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